$150,000(CONFIDENTIAL) ESTATE – FAIRFIELD (WAYNE COUNTY) ILLINOIS. As Belleville, Metro East, St. Clair County, Illinois trust and probate lawyers, we were involved in a (Confidential) estate in Wayne County, Illinois. In that case, the decedent passed away a resident of the State of Florida and owned farmland and mineral interests in Wayne County, Illinois. There were issues in regard to ownership and successors in regard to the farmland and mineral interests. There was a successful estate administration and net assets involved in that proceeding in the Second Judicial Circuit Court, Fairfield, Illinois were distributed pursuant to the Order of the Court.

$3,000,000(CONFIDENTIAL) TRUST ADMINISTRATION AND ESTATE ADMINISTRATION – BELLEVILLE (ST. CLAIR COUNTY) ILLINOIS. As Metro East, Central Illinois and Southern Illinois Will/Trust Administration Attorneys, we were involved in the administration of the (Confidential) trust and estate in St. Clair County, Illinois. We represented our client’s father in regard to a trust administration and estate administration. We then represented our client’s mother in regard to her trust administration and estate administration. There was farmland worth in excess of $3,000,000.00 that was distributed to our client and his siblings in the trust and estate proceedings that occurred in the Twentieth Judicial Circuit Court, Belleville, Illinois proceeding.

$1,000,000(CONFIDENTIAL) TRUST AND ESTATE – GRANITE CITY (MADISON COUNTY) ILLINOIS. As Belleville, Metro East, St. Clair County, Illinois Will and Trust Contest Attorneys, we were involved in the (Confidential) estate and trust proceedings in Edwardsville, Illinois. In these matters there were issues involved in regard to a decedent’s estate and trust and savings bonds, real estate and other assets transferred prior to the date of death of the decedent. Collinsville, Madison County, Illinois will and trust counsel was involved in these cases. There was in excess of $1,000,000.00 in controversy in regard to this proceeding in the Third Judicial Circuit Court of the State of Illinois and a resolution was reached.

Available to represent clients from Edwards County, Albion, Grayville and West Salem, Wayne County, Fairfield, Wayne City and Cisne, Jefferson County, Mount Vernon, Nason and Ina, Illinois.