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It can be difficult to negotiate with the negligent party and/or an insurance company to obtain a settlement. The law allows for an injured party to receive compensation for vehicle damage, medical bills, pain and suffering and lost wages.

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A driver of a motor vehicle, who operates said motor vehicle negligently, can be held liable for injuries and/or damages inflicted on another. The injured party must show that the liable driver failed to exercise reasonable care and/or was negligent. Negligent driving may include, but is not limited to, failing to follow traffic signals, speed limits, and other road signs, as well as being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

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A person injured as a result of an automobile accident could have a cause of action against a negligent party or others. One may be able to recover damages from a manufacturer and/or distributor for a defective automobile and/or automobile part, as well as a place of business that provides alcohol to an intoxicated person who causes an accident.

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After an automobile accident, insurance companies sometimes try to avoid paying out an amount that is deserved, denying the injured party’s claim, and/or delaying the process until the injured party accepts a settlement amount far below what is fair to the injured party.

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