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Identity Theft is an issue. We have been involved in situations where issues relate to fraud departments of major credit bureaus, accounts being closed that had been tampered with, including relating to issues with passwords.

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We have been involved in Illinois Consumer Rights issues for decades. Some matters have to do with lawsuits and litigation. Other issues have to do with contacts with debt collectors or property being repossessed.

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We have been contacted by a variety of clients in regard to disputes or claims involving lenders who may have violated the Truth in Lending Act or other laws regulating credit transactions. Sometimes clients contact us in regard to errors on their credit report. We are often contacted by clients in regard to issues of identity theft, not to mention, harassing calls, faxes, messages and emails.

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We work with clients and/or police departments in regard to obtaining financial identity theft police reports in regard to fraud issues. We also consider obtaining copies of credit reports, reporting lost or stolen credit cards, issues involving social security numbers, passwords and personal identification numbers.