DCFS, Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, Initial Contacts, Interviews at Home, Interviews at School, Contacts with Teachers and Principals, Cases that are founded, Charges and Allegations by DCFS, Complaints Relating to DCFS Investigations and Proceedings, including Issues of Overbearing, Intimidation, Perceived Threats regarding Relationships, Perceived Threats regarding Employment, Perceived Interference with Family Relationships, Issues Regarding Taking Children from Homes, Placing Children with the Wrong Party, Children in Jeopardy, DCFS in regard to Drug and Criminal Cases, Administrative Hearings, Appeals, Proceedings before DCFS, Filing appeals to Circuit Court, Unjust Results, Impact on Children and Family Members, Impact on Professional Licenses and Careers, Improper Statements and Improper Action, Law Firm available to represent clients from the Belleville, St. Clair County, Illinois vicinity.

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