A loan modification attorney is useful because sometimes you get different answers from different customer service representatives each time you contact the lender. Also, sometimes customer service representatives are not equipped to be able to assist you. A loan modification attorney can help you get the results you want from your lender.

As Southern Illinois Loan Modification Attorneys, we can assist, whether with respect to a loan modification, short sale, deed in lieu of foreclosure or litigation.

With a loan modification attorney, borrowers can be assured that any loan modification was done with an attorney looking out for them.

In regard to a home loan modification, having a law firm involved can mean that a lawyer may have experience and insight that provide a more expedient process, and a safer and more assured result for the client.

Blake Law Group, P.C. has skilled professionals that work on Real Estate Tax Complaints, including in regard to assessment reductions and representing clients in regard to reductions in real estate taxes.

As Metro East Illinois Real Estate Lawyers, we handle Real Estate Assessment Complaints, including representing clients before Boards of Review in various counties, not to mention the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board.

In addition to Valuation Complaints, we have experience pursuing tax exemptions and other benefits for clients.

Blake Law Group, P.C. has handled Property Tax Assessment Complaints for more than thirty (30) years, including with respect to single family homes, multi family buildings, undeveloped lots, subdivisions, homeowner’’s associations, commercial properties, banks, recreational complexes, apartment buildings, condominium developments and high-end residences.